A Live Xmas Gift

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A bootleg recording from the Gift Tour, Wembley 23/12/85. The first 10 tracks are straight off the mixing desk. Some of these tracks were subsequently remixed from the multitracks for use as b-sides etc, but those multitracks are long gone. These are the ORIGINAL 2-track recordings. The last 4 tracks are audience recordings from Crawley earlier on the same tour. The quality isn't great but they capture the atmosphere of the event!

Track Listing

1. when the wind blows
2. living in the past
3. wasteland
4. no regrets
5. after a fashion
6. chieftain
7. dancer
8. fade to grey
9. sleepwalk
10. if i was
11. antilles
12. that certain smile
13. the gift
14. she cried